Launched in 2006, the Automotive Testing Technology International Awards, organized by Automotive Testing Technology International magazine, are a non-profit-making enterprise designed to highlight and reward the efforts of individuals and companies that have made a difference in the world of vehicle development. All companies involved in automotive development and testing are considered.
The esteemed judging panel is made up of some of the finest engineering experts, research specialists and tech writers from across the world. The jury makes its decisions based on its extensive combined experience of automotive test and development, judging subjective performance, as well as facts and figures.
The 2022 Awards once again consisted of six categories: Powertrain Test Facility of the Year; Crash Test Innovation of the Year; Proving Ground of the Year; Software Innovation of the Year; Hardware Innovation of the Year; and Person of the Year.
ATTI Awards jury members:
Rachel Evans, editor, Automotive Testing Technology International
Anthony James, managing director, magazines, and editor, ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle International
Graham Heeps, freelance journalist
Jan Prins, technical specialist tire CAE and modeling, Jaguar Land Rover
David Twohig, ex-chief vehicle engineer and CTO, independent automotive consultant
Marc Noordeloos, freelance journalist
Phil Morse, manager, Energy Balance
Alex Grant, freelance journalist
Richard Penn, director, Penn Engineered Solutions
Alex Lai, technical manager, Future Mobility Testing
Sharad Matade, editor, Tyre Trends and Motoring Trends
Scott Beeton, head of aerodynamics, Adro
Gemma Hatton, freelance technical writer and former F1 tire engineer
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in being on the judging panel.